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Mrs. Justina Aylmer To All Instructors


Assistant Director of Greeneville 



Degrees Held:

•Master of Arts, Industrial Organizational Psychology

University of New Haven, CT


•Bachelor of Science, Liberal Studies

Minors: Leadership, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Women Studies

Frostburg State University


Professional Biography:

Justina was born and raised in small town Pennsylvania. She moved to Maryland where she completed her Undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies with (5) minors in: Psychology, Sociology, Leadership, Cultural Anthropology, and Women Studies. She worked through her undergraduate studies including that of working in a level-five school and residential treatment center for children ages 8-18. Post undergraduate, she moved to Connecticut where she completed her Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology with focus in human resources. Much of her post-graduate work has been organizational development and design intertwining her passion of supporting staff via organization processes.

Over the years Justina has held professional roles ranging in HR for small non-profit to a global pharmaceutical company, Owner and HR Consultant for her own HR Consulting company, and Co-Owner of a restaurant. Her teaching experience started in 2010 when she was Assistant Instructor for undergraduate students taking Leadership classes at Frostburg State University. Years later she worked as an ESL teacher for Chinese students ages 3 to 16. It was through this opportunity she realized she had an interest in meeting youth where they are and tailoring the learning process to them.

The Aylmers sold their home in CT, bought an RV, and started fulltime traveling. In Texas, Justina was an activities coordinator. In Tennessee they worked lived on a llama farm and hosted art days for the children at the campground. They fell in love with Tennessee and decided plant roots. Today Justina continues to homeschool her three children and serves as Assistant Director of Freedom Fellowship of Greeneville (FFG) Co-Op, Freedom Christian Academy. She also serves in FFG’s food ministry and children’s ministry. Concurrently Justina is pioneering her own business as a headhunter, and HR consultant in a niche market requiring her to build and manage the marketing campaigns, networking platforms, technology tools, proprietary data, and overall business strategy.

A multitude of personality assessments have labeled Justina as adaptable, strategic, a communicator, introverted, and requiring of space where she can have input and create ideas as well as engage with the input and ideas of others.  Justina has taken many of these assessments given her educational areas of study, and she would agree with all of these. She has insatiable craving to learn a variety of new topics. Most recently she has been studying homeopathic healing, homeschool approaches and methodologies, and Spanish. Her hobbies include art with her children, reading, hiking, and learning games such as cribbage that her and her husband play together.

Current Classes
Science Olympiad Competition Team/Club – (closed)
Elementary Spanish I - Part II – (closed)
Elementary Spanish I - Part II – (closed)
PreKindergarten (Morning Half Day Enrollment) – (closed)
PreKindergarten (Full Day Enrollment) – (closed)
Science Olympiad – (open)
Chapel – (open)
ELA with Integrated Science – (open)
Elementary Spanish – (open)
PreKindergarten – (open)
Spanish I (New Students) – (Spanish Instructor) (open)
Spanish I (New Students) – (Spanish Instructor) (open)
The Arts – Lead Instructor (open)
The Arts – Lead Instructor (open)