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Mrs. Kathy Wells To All Instructors




Degrees Held

  • Master of Science in Elementary Education

University of Tennessee 


  • Bachelor of Art in Art Education K-12

Carson Newman University


  • Career Level 3 Certification


Professional Biography

     Kathy taught art in at West View Middle school for 30 years. In addition to her classroom duties she tutored before and after school, did homebound, Beta club, Art club, recycling club and led the 4-H Horse club. After retiring, she worked in interim positions for a variety of grades and taught art again for a private school. She is a member of Manley Baptist Church and takes part in many activities such as Bible school. She has been married to her husband, Randal for 47 years. She has two children and five grandkids plus a fur baby. She enjoys creating art and sewing projects.

Current Classes
Drama Club – (closed)
Chapel – (open)
Art 101 – (open)
Chapel – (open)
Math & Art: Aesthetics of Calculations – (open)
Math & Art: Aesthetics of Calculations – (open)