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Mrs. Heidi Komertz To All Instructors




Degrees Held

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

Western Connecticut University


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN

University of Connecticut.


Professional Biography

Heidi grew up in Southern CA and later moved to CT at the age of 15. She was homeschooled from 5th grade to 9th grade and graduated high school in 2000.  Before moving to TN, she became a stay-at-home-homeschooling mom and was also a Circle Time Pre-K teacher for Unity Co-Op in CT. Some of her passions, along with teaching, are being outdoors/hiking, animals, helping others, and enjoying family time. Her and her husband have been married for 8 years. They have two children, 2 large dogs and a large cat. Her family moved to TN in Dec of 2022 seeking freedom, and like-minded community.  Thereafter, Heidi has been assisting with Freedom Christian Academy's Co-Op since start of 2023.  Her two children are also part of the Co-Op program. 



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