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Mr. Chris Sonon To All Instructors




Degrees Held 

  • Associate of Science in Computer Aides Design 

ITT Tech 


Professional Biography

Chris Sonon, originally hailing from Pennsylvania, has been a resident of Tennessee for almost 20-years. During his time in Tennessee, he met his wife Randi, whom he has been married to for 15 years and has two amazing children with (Addison and Colton). The family also includes two cats and a dog.

Chris brings 20+ years of experience in the technology world. Chris currently manages a team of 6 software engineers that are located around the world and supports many large clients who develop and manufacture everyday products. Chris has experience with 3D printing, 3D scanning, software engineering, product development, computer hardware, IT service work, and more…

In his free time, Chris loves spending time with his family and enjoys the outdoors, playing video games, and just enjoying any time he can with his family and friends. He is excited to come and share his love of technology with the members of Freedom Christian Academy. 

Current Classes
Tech Club - Tech Titans (3D Printing, Robotics, Engineering & More) – (open)
Clubs – (closed)